Leading Trade Intelligence Platform for Global Importers

Reach out to the leading suppliers, retailers and distributers across the globe through our global exporters’ database. Get in-depth visibility into their shipment activities and find out the potential business prospects. Expand your network to the international market by identifying the most profitable investment opportunities.

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Discover top suppliers

Extend your reach to top performing markets by identifying the leading suppliers in that particular country. Get instant access to the millions of suppliers, distributors, retailers and exporters profiles at our platform. Through our global exporters’ directory, you can find buyers by product and country.

Monitor Shipments

Get into the shipment activities of the top suppliers in the world. Analyze their top selling products, pricing, markets and identify your competitors through our trade intelligence reports. Take all these parameters into your account and enhance your decision making process.

Find your competitors

Our interactive dashboard helps you perform in-depth competitor analysis. You can find a lot of your competitor profiles at our platform and monitor their shipments. Find loopholes in their marketing strategy and make improvements in your business accordingly.

Make Profitable Decisions

Through in-depth insight into the global market trends, demand, and risks, you can make more timely and profitable decisions. Our market intelligence reports help you enhance your production as per the current market demand. It boosts your sales and yield more revenue for your business.

Find the Suppliers from Top 5 Export Industries


Mineral Fuels & Oils


Motor Cars


Electronic Integrated Circuits


Smart phones





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Best Market Intelligence Platform for Corporate Companies

Exim Trade Data provides the best market intelligence platform for corporate companies. Get in-depth insights into the international trade markets, industry specific trends, demand, and competitor analysis. Discover the best investment opportunities in the global market through our global companies’ portfolio. Drive more sales for your business in a cost-effective manner. Outrank your competitors in the international market through our impressive trade intelligence reports.

Government Agencies

Market Intelligence Platform for Government Agencies

Exim Trade Data provides the best global market intelligence platform for government agencies. We help government bodies in analyzing the international market trends, demand, risks and trade forecasts. We provide comprehensive business reports that assist them in making accurate strategic decisions, framing trade policies, adding tariffs and generating more revenue on goods and services.

Asset Management

Best Market Research Platform for Assets & Investment Companies

Exim Trade Data provides the best market research platform for assets and investment companies. Explore the tons of global import and export companies’ profiles. Get into their shipment activities, identify their top assets and evaluate their market share. Identify the most profitable opportunities for investment and enhance your company’s assets.


Enhance Your Sales Potential with Our Global Importers Database

Get more qualifying sales and leads for your business through our global importers database. Discover the verified buyers and importers related to your business. Identify the potential business prospects with high ROI. Find the most traded goods and commodities in the foreign market through our market research platform. And conclude the most profitable products for your business. Outrank your competition with a comprehensive marketing strategy based on accurate trade statistics.