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Nigeria Trade Data 2021 Overview

$54 B

Total Import Value

$46 B

Total Export Value

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Top Products

Top Product Imports of Nigeria

Mineral Oils & Fuels






Electrical Equipment




Country of Origin

Nigeria Imports by Country









United States


Top Products

Top Product Exports of Nigeria

Mineral Fuels, Oils


Boats, Ships








Top Exporting Countries

Nigeria Exports by Country











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Nigeria Import Sample Data

Field Name Detail
Date : 1/7/2021
HS Code : 84716090
Product Details GH96-12970A # & assemblies SENSORS fingerprint # & VN
Quantity : 4
Quantity Unit : PCE
Value($) : 12.76
Country of Origin : Vietnam
Country of Destination : Nigeria
Importer : ********
Exporter : ********

Nigeria Export Sample Data

Field Name Detail
Date : 1/1/2021
HS Code : 902110000000
Quantity : 1543
Quantity Unit : KGM
Value($) : 9073.8
Country of Origin : Nigeria
Country of Destination : Tanzania
Importer : ********
Exporter : ********

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mineral Oils & Fuels (29%), Electronics (13.8%), Vehicles (6.2%), Electrical Equipment (5.6%) and Cereals (5.1%) were the top 5 product imports of Nigeria in 2021.

Mineral Fuels, Oils (85%), Boats, Ships (2.6%), Fertilizers (1.8%), Cocoa (1.1%) and Oil Seeds (0.6%) were the top 5 product exports of Nigeria in 2021.

Nigeria’s biggest trading partner countries are China, India, Spain, Netherlands and Canada.

China (22.3%), Netherlands (9.4%), India (8.2%), Belgium (7.1%) and the United States (5.9%) were Nigeria’s top 5 countries for product imports in 2021.

India (15.2%), Spain (11.2%), France (6%), Netherlands (5.8%) and Canada (4.2%) were Nigeria’s top 5 countries for product exports in 2021.

Exim Trade Data provides accurate Nigeria trade statistics based on Nigeria Shipment Data, bills of lading and commercial invoices.