The Leading Trade Intelligence Platform for Supply Chain & Logistics Companies

Exim Trade Data provides the best market research platform for supply chain & logistics companies. Get the detailed insights on global ports shipments, cargo volumes, and import-export companies along with product description, HS Code, quantity, price, unit, and country of origin. Identify the sales opportunities and increase profitability. Our data assists you with the procurement and sourcing process for your business. Ensure efficient supply chain operations and achieve your business goals.

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Grab New Opportunities in the Global Market with Actionable Insights

Discover business opportunities from over 60+ countries. Gain key insights of the top trading markets such as top imports, exports, buyers and suppliers shipments and build a successful marketing strategy.


Targeted Marketing

Our interactive dashboard helps you identify your target audience and segment customers. You can analyze customer sentiments, their expectations and develop a quality product as per the market demand. It gives you a competitive edge and increases the chances of more sales.


Increased Productivity

Discover the latest market trends, demand and risk in the global supply chain market. Mitigate financial risk through accurate global supply chain forecasts. Analyze current market situation, predict future growth, target the right audience and identify new sales prospects. Build an effective marketing strategy and achieve your business goals.


Procurement & Sourcing

We provide accurate trade statistics of ports shipments, cargo volume, buyer, and supplier information along with value. That helps you in making more sound decisions regarding the procurement process. Also, you can find sourcing for quality imports and exports of goods at better cost.


Evaluate Production Quantity

Our Trade Intelligence Platform helps you predict the accurate market demand. Evaluating production quantity is very essential for supply chain and logistics companies. If the production is more than the demand, you could get a significant loss. We provide accurate forecasts of product demand in our reports.


New Business Opportunities

Get access to the verified buyers and suppliers from the global market. Monitor their shipments, products, pricing and buying patterns. Analyze our shipments reports and identify the possible business prospects. Generate a lot of new business opportunities in the global market from our database.


Smooth warehouse operations

By analyzing our global trade intelligence reports, you can predict the demand of goods from your warehouses. Also, you can find genuine buyers for your stock products through our global companies’ directory. You can make better decisions based on data and ensure efficient warehouse operations.

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Asset Management

Best Market Research Platform for Assets & Investment Companies

Exim Trade Data provides the best market research platform for assets and investment companies. Explore the tons of global import and export companies’ profiles. Get into their shipment activities, identify their top assets and evaluate their market share. Identify the most profitable opportunities for investment and enhance your company’s assets.


Get Expert Data Solutions for a Successful Agribusiness

The Agribusiness Industry is a field of uncertainty and risk. Exim Trade Data provides expert market intelligence solutions that help you analyze financial risks involved in the agriculture sector.


Best Market Intelligence Platform for Corporate Companies

Exim Trade Data provides the best market intelligence platform for corporate companies. Get in-depth insights into the international trade markets, industry specific trends, demand, and competitor analysis. Discover the best investment opportunities in the global market through our global companies’ portfolio. Drive more sales for your business in a cost-effective manner. Outrank your competitors in the international market through our impressive trade intelligence reports.

Government Agencies

Market Intelligence Platform for Government Agencies

Exim Trade Data provides the best global market intelligence platform for government agencies. We help government bodies in analyzing the international market trends, demand, risks and trade forecasts. We provide comprehensive business reports that assist them in making accurate strategic decisions, framing trade policies, adding tariffs and generating more revenue on goods and services.