Expert Trade Data Solutions for Law Firms & Legal Professionals

Exim Trade Data provides the expert data solutions for Law firms & legal professionals. Get a track of the global market trends, trade policies regarding goods through our comprehensive market intelligence reports. Discover the key performing factors through our reports and identify the growth opportunities to expand your relationships.

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Enhance Your Legal Research with Accurate Global Trade Statistics

Perform an extensive legal research through our accurate global trade statistics. Get insights on flow of goods across different countries, transactions, and customer acquisitions. Ensure efficient services and build a lucrative customer base.


Insights into Historical Data

Get in-depth insights into the historical data of global import export companies of different industries. Analyze their shipment activities, and identify their top traded commodities along with their pricing and country. Leverage this information to solve legal disputes and past cases.


Save your time & money

Legal proceedings take lots of time, effort and money. Through our trade intelligence platform, you can save your time of legal research and money on specific cases. Our Business intelligence reports provides the factual trading history of various global companies that assists in analyzing whether to proceed in or to negotiate.


Make accurate law decisions

Making accurate decisions is very important to maintain law and order. We provide expert assistance in solving legal disputes through our accurate trade data statistics. We provide comprehensive factual information of a specific trading company that helps you do accurate judgments.


Create Case winning strategies

We help law firms in getting competitive advantage by providing detailed, actionable insights through our trade intelligence platform. By analyzing the past transactional history of importers, exporters and customs records, you can build a case winning strategy.


Build Profitable relationships

Attract a lucrative client base through our impressive business reports. Pitch new clients with expert advisory based on our accurate factual reports and gain their trust. Our Trade Intelligence platform provides you with the key performance indicator that highlights opportunities to build valuable partnerships with the existing customers.


Effective Marketing Strategy

Success of a business depends on effective marketing efforts. Through our interactive platform you can mitigate risks, monitor your performance, and target your customers more effectively with industry specific insights into the global import export market. Build an effective market campaign and get profitable results.

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Government Agencies

Market Intelligence Platform for Government Agencies

Exim Trade Data provides the best global market intelligence platform for government agencies. We help government bodies in analyzing the international market trends, demand, risks and trade forecasts. We provide comprehensive business reports that assist them in making accurate strategic decisions, framing trade policies, adding tariffs and generating more revenue on goods and services.

Research & Consulting

Global Trade Intelligence Platform for Research & Consulting Companies

Empower your market research through our global trade intelligence platform. Make more accurate decisions based on our business intelligence reports. Identify the most profitable markets by HSN Code, product details, quantity, price, port shipments, country, buyers, and supplier details. Reach to the top trading companies through our global companies list and discover the potential business growth opportunities.


Become a Leader in the Energy Sector through Expert Market Intelligence

The Energy Market is continuously striving for new innovations that offer a sustainable future and reasonable pricing. In order to keep pace with the challenging Energy market, you need to plan strategically. At Exim Trade Data, we provide expert energy market intelligence reports that help you predict the future risks, product pricing, production demand and discover the top buyers & suppliers in the Energy Market.


Identify the Current Market Trends & Demands in the Automotive Market

The Automotive Market is a very fast paced market in which everyone wants to excel with each other. Through our impressive trade intelligence platform, you can stand out amongst your competitors. Our interactive business intelligence reports help you with the accurate forecasts of the latest market technology, trends, and demands.