African Countries Import Export Data

Exim Trade Data provides the maximum coverage on African countries import export data that helps businesses to prosper in the African market. Our African trade intelligence platform highlights the key performing factors for your business that helps you identify African market demand and build an appropriate pricing strategy. Discover genuine African buyers and suppliers of top African nations including South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya and Ghana.

Get a full African countries database consisting of historical and latest African countries trade data 2023, 2024, African buyers list, African suppliers list, ports volume reports.

54+ African Countries Import Export Data

Expand your business to 54+ African Countries through a data-driven marketing strategy. Through our Africa customs data, you can identify the top African imports, exports products, and African import export companies shipments records. As per our Africa import export database, South Africa was the largest African Importer and Exporter Country with a total trade value of 234 Billion USD.

We provide year wise customized Africa imports and exports statistics by country, HS code, quantity, unit, price, importer, and exporter name. It helps you identify the latest trends, demands, pricing, and competitor analysis. Our African importers exporters directory assists you in reaching out to the high ROI sales opportunities.

Top Africa Exports and Imports

As per the latest African Shipment data, Automobiles, Computers, Motor Parts, Pharmaceuticals, Mobile Phones, Apparel and Clothing Accessories were the top African imports by country.

On the other hand, the top African exports by country were Coffee, Gems, Precious metals, Petroleum Oils, Coal Briquettes, Fertilizers, and Machinery. You could find the detailed shipment records of most traded African goods by HS code through our global products directory.

African countries data sample

  • Product Description
  • HS Code
  • Quantity
  • Unit
  • Value
  • Buyer Name
  • Supplier Name
  • Country of Origin
  • Country of Destination
  • Port of Loading
  • Port of Unloading
  • Shipping Date

African Export Import Data Sample

Our tailor made data solutions are made to cater the needs of our customers. Get the African Export Import Data Sample by HS code, country of origin/destination, price, quantity, buyer & supplier name and port of loading/unloading.

Field Name Detail
Date of Shipment : 1/1/2021
HS Code : 090112000000
Quantity : 589.5
Quantity Unit : KGM
Value($) : 514.26
Country of Origin : Italy
Importer : ********
Exporter : ********
Field Name Detail
Date of Shipment : 1/13/2021
HS Code : 85183020
Product Details GH59-15054A # & Headset-phones, model: EHS61 # & VN
Quantity : 39500
Quantity Unit : PCE
Value($) : 30612.5
Country of Origin : Vietnam
Port : Hanoi
Importer : ********
Exporter : ********
Field Name Detail
Date of Shipment : 1/9/2021
HS Code : 30059090
Value($) : 450
Quantity Unit : CARTON
Country of Origin : CARTON
Value($) : 68040
Country of Origin : Philippines
Importer : ********
Exporter : ********
Field Name Detail
Date of Shipment : 1/6/2021
HS Code : 15159029
Product Details RAW SHEA BUTTER
Quantity : 150
Quantity Unit : KGM
Value($) : 793.2
Country of Origin : Indonesia
Importer : ********
Exporter : ********
Field Name Detail
Date of Shipment : 1/5/2021
HS Code : 03035900
Quantity : 25000
Quantity Unit : KGM
Value($) : 67428.4
Country of Origin : Sri Lanka
Importer : ********
Exporter : ********

African Importers Exporters

Top African Buyers Suppliers List

According to our African Importers Directory, Game Discount World from Tanzania, Pharma SARL from Congo, Candela Limited from Ghana, Ekrovic Agro Industries from Nigeria and Eramace Car Importers Limited from Kenya were the top African import companies in 2023.

Game Discount World Tanzania Limited

Congo Pharma Sarl

Premier Alumetals Limited

Ekrovic Agro Industries LTD

PT Eramace Car Importers LTD

Tensae International Business Enterprise

Centrale Pharmaceutiour D'achats

Guerrieri Rizzardi Azienda Agricola from Tanzania, Antares SPRL from Congo, Candela Export from Ghana, Dangote Cement from Nigeria and Kaizen from Kenya were the top African export companies in 2023 as per our African Exporters Database.

Guerrieri Rizzardi Azienda Agricola

Antares sprl

Candela Export & Import Company Limited

Dangote Cement

Kaizen Export

Ethiopian Coffee


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Our impressive African intelligence reports assist you in detailed market research. We give industry-wise insights into the African market. Through our platform, you could build a comprehensive business strategy by analyzing competitor’s shipment records.

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Worldwide Historical Data

Worldwide Historical Data

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54+ African Countries Trade Data

54+ African Countries Trade Data

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African Companies Directory

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African Imports Exports Ports Shipments

African Imports Exports Ports Shipments

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The main African imports are Vehicles, Computers, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Electronics.

The main African exports are Tea, Cocoa, Cotton, Beverages and Automotive.

South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Angola and Kenya are Africa's biggest trading countries.

South Africa (68 Billion USD), Nigeria (52 Billion USD), Morocco (43 Billion USD), Kenya (17 Billion USD) and Ghana (16 Billion USD) are the top African countries by imports.

South Africa (123 Billion USD), Nigeria (47 Billion USD), Egypt (40 Billion USD), Morocco (36 Billion USD) and Angola (33 Billion USD) are the top African countries by exports.

Exim Trade Data provides customized Africa trade statistics reports (monthly, quarterly or yearly) for an extensive market.