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Global Import Export Database

Customs Database Country wise

Discover Country wise global import export data Statistics from our exclusive Global customs database. Find top-performing products, buyers list, suppliers list, importers, and exporters and convert them into your leads. Search International Import Export Data Country wise.

India Import Export Data


Identify growth opportunities in the Indian market with our accurate India customs data based on Global trade data shipments reported by other countries. Find top products shipments, trading companies, ports with total import value from our result centric India Import Export Database. Plan a profitable marketing strategy based on India Trade Data 2021-22.

China Import Export Data


Access the verified China import export data year-wise with Exim GTIS. Exim Global Trade Intelligence System helps you find China's major imports, exports, trading countries, and top China import export companies based on China customs data. Gain a competitive with valuable insights into the Chinese market with our impressive China trade data 2021-22 and enhance your business sales.

Russia Import Export Data


Get Expert Russia import export data reports based on Russia customs data. Gain competitive insights from the Russian market through our Russia Import Export Database. Discover top Russia imports and exports by country, Russian buyers list, Russian suppliers list from our Russia Trade Data 2021-22. Establish a strong market presence in Russia through a data driven approach.

Turkey Import Export Data


Access verified Turkey Customs Data based on Global trade data dispatched by other countries. Find Turkey’s total import export shipments, top exporters, importers, importers list, and exporters list from our Turkey Import Export Database. Gain competitive market insights from our Turkey Trade Data 2021-22 and expand your business.

US Import Export Data


Discover potential sales opportunities in the US market with our impressive US import export data reports. Get a wide overview of the USA market through Exim Global Trade Intelligence System. Find accurate analytics and forecasts of the USA's top product imports, exports, importer, and exporter companies through US trade intelligence reports based on US customs data. Plan a successful marketing strategy by utilizing US trade data 2021-22 and double your business revenue.

Best Market Research Platform

Get Meaningful Industrial Insights with Exim GTIS

Exim GTIS is the best platform for market intelligence that helps identify the key performing factors for your company and streamline your workflow. Find the latest market trends, most traded HS codes, countries, ports, competitors and top import-export companies. Mitigate financial risk and reach out to the verified buyers and suppliers from over 200+ countries. Double your sales and generate the maximum revenue through our market research platform.

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Identify the Current Market Trends & Demands in the Automotive Market

The Automotive Market is a very fast paced market in which everyone wants to excel with each other. Through our impressive trade intelligence platform, you can stand out amongst your competitors. Our interactive business intelligence reports help you with the accurate forecasts of the latest market technology, trends, and demands.


Enhance Your Sales Potential with Our Global Importers Database

Get more qualifying sales and leads for your business through our global importers database. Discover the verified buyers and importers related to your business. Identify the potential business prospects with high ROI. Find the most traded goods and commodities in the foreign market through our market research platform. And conclude the most profitable products for your business. Outrank your competition with a comprehensive marketing strategy based on accurate trade statistics.


Best Market Intelligence Platform for Corporate Companies

Exim Trade Data provides the best market intelligence platform for corporate companies. Get in-depth insights into the international trade markets, industry specific trends, demand, and competitor analysis. Discover the best investment opportunities in the global market through our global companies’ portfolio. Drive more sales for your business in a cost-effective manner. Outrank your competitors in the international market through our impressive trade intelligence reports.


Identify the Current Market Trends & Demands in the Automotive Market

The Automotive Market is a very fast paced market in which everyone wants to excel with each other. Through our impressive trade intelligence platform, you can stand out amongst your competitors. Our interactive business intelligence reports help you with the accurate forecasts of the latest market technology, trends, and demands.


Global Import Export Data Service Provider Company

Exim Trade Data is the most trusted global import export data service provider company across the world. As the best market research firm, we are known to deliver result oriented business intelligence reports of over 60+ Countries. Our team of professionals helps you with quality international import export data that deliver profitable results. We provide year-wise, monthly, and quarterly global trade data statistics that help you understand the global market better.

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  • Improves your export-import trade by data-based decision & avoid risk.
  • Align your business model with global strategic planning & stay ahead.
  • Monitor and track competition & Grab the upcoming business opportunity.
  • Exim trade data is equipped with the latest business intelligence tools for data.

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Global import export data

Comprehensive Guide

Get in-depth knowledge of existing market channels and consumer preferences around the globe. We provide the complete comprehensive guide of the global market that helps you to align your business with international trade..

Global trade data

Explore Foreign Market

Find overseas customers and discover the best match that adds better economic value to your product. Simplified and genuine trade data pave the way to successful overseas trade for your business.

Import export data

Build Valuable Partnership

With our fine tailored export-import data, assess your readiness for the target market and grow with your business. Understand the key aspects of international trade and associate with valuable industry peers.


Global trade sample data

Empower Your Market Research

With Global Import Export Data

Global customs data

Actionable Insights

We combine the years of accumulated expertise of our data scientists and business intelligence tools to discover meaningful insights from the global customs data. all categories to make data-driven current market opportunities.

Global shipment data

Know Your Market

For any business, the main challenge is to find buyers for their products. Our well researched global shipment data help you to evaluate and develop your marketing strategy to grab new buyers in the foreign market.

Business intelligence reports

Streamline Your Business

Streamline all your trading operations and pave the way for top-line growth for your business. With a precise overview of every business activity, discover the inefficient process and optimize your business operation.

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I've been using Exim trade Data for years, and it gives a fantastic tool for keeping track of our competitor's and suppliers' activity. Exim trade always goes one step ahead to complete my requirements.

Yashashavi Malhotra

Exim trade Data help me to grow my Import & Export business also my favorite thing is you can cancel their subscription anytime & re-subscribe again when needed without any extra charges.

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I wanted some information about Import- export so I reached out to Exim trade data and they provide me the exactly what I needed. They provide me with the authorized information and resolve all my queries.

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Exim Trade allows me access to keep track of shipment goods. Their customer care service is too good they speak very politely and also helped me to grow my business during difficult times. Exim Trade data is highly recommended.

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Fantastic services, it helps me to expand my business also the data they are providing is very helpful the dates, shipment no, HS code, destination, sender name, etc help me a lot in my business.

Amelia Jamison

Anyone who wants to build their business in the import industry will find Exim Trade Data to be very extremely helpful. Exim trade data consist of every single detail of shipment activities occurring throughout the world.