About Us

Exim trade data helps you to provide over 60+ countries global export and import trade data. Exim Trade data was founded to resolve all your export-import business operation. We have come up with a modern infrastructure setup that provides more accurate and custom-made data solutions. Our highly professional technical team has more than decades of expertise in data mining and data processing.

We are capable of delivering the most accurate systematic global export-import statistics that help you to analyze ongoing trade inflow and suitable demand positions across India and around the globe.

Benefits of Import Export Data

Accelerate your export-import trade by data-based decision & avoid risk.

Align your business model with global strategic planning & stay ahead.

Monitor and track competition & Grab the upcoming business opportunity.

Exim trade data is equipped with the latest business intelligence tools for data visualization to uncover hidden possibilities that are locked in the data.

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct

Exim trade data is highly specialized in providing export-import data services and serves the highest aspiration of the customer and their business requirement.
Our primary objective is to meet the expectation set by our customers. To ensure trust and confidence, we strongly believe in maintaining a fair and transparent process in all matters that may affect the interest of our customers.
Exim trade data leave no stone unturned in carrying out data research and data mining to prove their authentic code of conduct.
Honesty is integrated in the soul of our company value and professional conduct.