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Indonesia Export Data

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According to the latest Indonesia Export Data of 2020, Indonesia goods exports are worth $218.346 Billion. Indonesia export shipments were around 8,401,945 in 2020. Indonesia was ranked 28th on the list of world’s top exporters.

Indonesia is a developed nation. As per WTO reports, it is the 16th largest economy in terms of GDP. Indonesia is the leading exporter of palm oil. In 2021, Indonesia palm oil exports contributed around 4.5% share of its total GDP.

Indonesia customs export shipment data suggests that the majority of its exports were to China, Japan, and the United States of America. It is the major market for Electrical appliances, oil gas, rubber, textiles and plywood. It is also the 7th largest exporter of petroleum products.

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Indonesia Export Sample Data

Indonesia Export Trade Data

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Field Name Detail
Date : 3/9/2021
HS Code : 33019090
Product Details 773089595621#Piper Bettle Leaf Oil: Used as Candle Fragrance
Quantity : 1
Quantity Unit : NMF
Value($) : 1.05
Country of Origin : Indonesia
Country of Destination : China
Port : Cengkareng / Soekarno Hatta (U)
Importer : ********
Exporter : ********

Indonesia Major Exports Products

Indonesia Top Exports

According to Indonesia Export Statistics, Indonesia top 10 export commodities in 2020 were Essential Oils and Resinoids (7.24%), Coal (4.61%), Motorcycles (3.33%), Refined palm oil (2.39%), Gold (2.38%), Crude oil (2.13%), Baby napkins and pads (2.06%), Ferro-Nickel (2.05%), Pneumatic, tyres, rubbers (1.76%), and Refined Bleached Deodorised Palmolein (1.58%).

Based on Indonesia Sellers Data, the top 10 product exports by Indonesia shared an export value of $62.50 Billion along with a 29.53% share of total exports. You will find more detailed statistics of Indonesia's major exports by HS Code, Total Export Value, and Total Export Share in the chart given below:

Indonesia Major Export Products
Indonesia Top Export Trading Partners

Indonesia Top Export Trading Partners

Indonesia Largest Trading Partners

Indonesia Export Customs Shipment Data suggests that China and Japan are the largest importers of Indonesian goods. In terms of total export share, Indonesia Top export Trading Partners in 2020 were the China (16.9%), Japan (14.3%), the United States of America (8.83%), Singapore (7.26%), India (5.41%), Malaysia (4.92%), United Arab Emirates (3.82%), South Korea (2.92%), Vietnam (2.9%) and Philippines (2.87%).

The total export value for Indonesia Largest Trading Partners was around $153.06 Billion with a total export share of 70.13%. In the chart mentioned below, we have provided a detailed analysis of the Indonesia top 10 trading partners based on total export value and total export share.

Indonesia Port List

Major Sea Ports in Indonesia

Indonesia is a very crucial strategic location for worldwide traders. It has a very advanced supply chain structure. There are around 318 seaports in Indonesia. Out of which, 50% of total international trade operations are processed at Tanjung Priok sea port. Here, we have shared some of the major seaports in Indonesia accounting for maximum year-wise export shipments.

Indonesia Top Exporters

Indonesia Exporters List

According to Indonesia Suppliers Data, PT Surya Indotama Ekspres and PT Digital Praja Makayasa were Indonesia Top exporters in 2020 with a total share of 10.43% exports. Here we have presented the Top Indonesia Exporters List based on our latest Indonesia Custom export Data.

  • Butt Exxonmofal Cepu Limited Co Ltd
  • Pt Pertamina Co Ltd
  • Pt Keritang Buana Mining Co Ltd
  • Pt Wilmar Nabati Indonesia Co Ltd
  • Kaltim Prima Coal Pt Co Ltd
  • But Bp Berau Ltd Co Ltd
  • Pt Adaro Indonesia Co Ltd
  • Musim Mas Pt Co Ltd
  • Pt Indonesia Guang Ching Nickel and Stainless Steel Industry Co Ltd
  • Pt Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia Co Ltd
  • Pt Smelting Co Ltd
  • Pt Sari Dumai Sejati Co Ltd
  • Pt Berau Coal Co Ltd
  • Pt Sinar Mas Agro Resources and Technology Tbk Pt Smart Tbk Co Ltd
  • Pt Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper Tbk Co Ltd
  • Pt Astra Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd
  • Pt Aneka Tambang Persero Tbk Co Ltd
  • Pt Oki Pulp and Paper Mills Co Ltd
  • Pt Indonesia Tsingshan Stainless Steel Co Ltd
  • Pt Timah Persero Tbk Co Ltd
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