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India export data shows significant decline in India exports during 2023-24. India's total exports value in 2023 were estimated to be around $430 billion as compared to $453 billion in 2022. The export data of India highlights mineral fuels, precious stones, metals, electrical machinery, pharmaceuticals and vehicles as the top exports of India in FY 2023. India became the 10th biggest exporter in the world. The USA accounted for the maximum shipments value for India exports by country followed by the UAE and Netherlands. For the first five months of 2024, India’s total exports were estimated to be $125.64 billion. The international market promises bright opportunities for exporters in India. Through our global trade intelligence system, you can reach out to the verified global buyers and increase your ROI.

Find historical or latest India export data 2023-2024, India exporters list, global buyers, India importers list, ports volume reports of Indian ports, product/industry wise insights India export statistics reports.

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India Export Trade Data

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Wondering how to start export business from India or how to export from India? Market Intelligence reports from Exim Trade Data could help you make sound business decisions. Through India export statistics, you can spot the top demanded goods from India, pricing, goods, importing countries, Indian ports exports volume and verified importers from the global market.

We are your reliable India export data provider firm offering both online and offline data access to India export customs data. Avail a free sample on sample exports data of India by HS Code, Product Description, Quantity, Unit, Price, Country of Origin/Destination, Supplier Name, Buyer Name, Port of Loading/Unloading, etc.

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Field Name Detail
Date : 31-05-2024
HS Code : 30049049
Product Details Irinotel (irintecan) Hcl Inj. 100mg/5mlb/n:87240119bl Md:04/24 Ed:03/26
Quantity : 300
Quantity Unit : NOS
Value($) : 3450.69
Country of Origin : India
Country of Destination : United Arab Emirates
Buyer Name : ****

India Top 10 Major Exports

What Does India Exports?

Mineral fuels & oils were the most shipped items from India during the financial year 2023-24. In terms of import value, India's top 10 product exports were Mineral fuels & oils ($87 Billion), Electrical machinery ($34 Billion), Precious stones & metals ($32 Billion), Nuclear machinery ($30 Billion), Pharmaceuticals ($22 Billion), Vehicles ($20.8 Billion), Organic chemicals ($20.3 Billion), Iron & Steel ($11.8 Billion), Cereals ($10.9 Billion) and Iron & Steel Artiles ($9.9 Billion).

The total value for India's top 10 export commodities was estimated to be around $281 Billion with over 64.22% share of India's total exports. Whereas, the latest export data of India shows that over $21.43 Billion exports were recorded during May 2024. Electrical equipment were the most exported items during May 2024 with record $1.52 billion exports. Here, we have provided the more brief information on India exports by percentage.

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India's Top 10 Export Partners

Who Does India Export To?

India export details reports suggest the United States as the leading importer of Indian goods with imports over $77 Billion during 2023-24. The USA had over 18% share of India's total exports in 2023. The USA’s major imports from India were pearls, precious stones, pharma products, electrical machinery, petroleum products and cotton clothing.

In terms of export value, India’s top 10 export partners were the United States ($77 Billion), United Arab Emirates ($35 Billion), Netherlands ($22 Billion), China ($16 Billion), Singapore ($14 billion), United Kingdom ($12 Billion), Saudi Arabia ($11.5 Billion), Bangladesh ($11 Billion), Germany ($9.8 Billion) and Italy ($8.7 Billion).

For the financial year 2023-24, the overall value for India's top 10 major export partners was estimated around $220 Billion with over 50.49% share of India's total exports. The latest India export figures of May 2024 shows the United States as the major destination for Indian exports with imports worth $4.46 billion. These were mainly electricals, electronics equipment, diamonds and pharmaceuticals.

Below, we had shared the chart depicting the main export partners of India by percentage share. Also, you can request for the year wise India export data by country.

Country wise Data

Top Exporters in India

India Suppliers List

  • Maruti Suzuki India
  • Nissan Motor India
  • Kiran Gems Pvt Ltd
  • TVS Motor Company Ltd
  • Mobis India Ltd
  • Bajaj Auto Ltd
  • India Yamaha Motor Pvt Ltd
  • Hero Motocorp Ltd
  • Honda Cars India Ltd
  • Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt Ltd

Top Ports in India

India Ports List

  • JNPT port
  • Delhi Air
  • Sahar Air
  • Mundra Sea
  • Chennai Sea
  • Bangalore Air
  • Tuticorin Sea
  • Tuglakabad ICD
  • LCS Jaigaon
  • Irungattukottai ICD
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