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Turkey export data shows slight increase in Turkey exports during 2023-24. Turkey's total exports value in 2023 was estimated to be around $255 billion as compared to $256 billion in 2022. The export data of Turkey depicts Petroleum oils, plastics and motor cars as the key exports of Turkey in FY 2023. Turkey became the 26th biggest exporter in the world. Germany accounted for the maximum shipments value for Turkey exports by country followed by the United States and Iraq.

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Turkey Export Trade Data

What Does Turkey Export Data Include?

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Turkey export data

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Field Name Detail
Date : 31/05/2023
HS Code : 732599100000
Quantity : 175
Quantity Unit : UNT
Value($) : 5019
Country of Origin : Turkey
Country of Destination : Germany
Importer : ********
Exporter : ********

Turkey top 10 major exports

What Does Turkey Exports?

Petroleum oils were the most exported commodity by Turkey during fiscal year 2023. As per Turkey export shipment data, in 2023, Turkey's top 10 product exports were Petroleum oils ($13.5 billion), Plastics ($10.3 billion), Motor Cars ($11.4 billion), Jewellery ($8.4 billion), Motor Vehicles Parts ($7.5 billion), Transportation Vehicles ($5.5 billion), Gold ($4.4 billion), Optical fibres ($3.5 billion), Women's dresses ($3.3 billion) and Tshirts ($2.7 billion).

In 2023, Turkey's top 10 commodities exports hit a record $66 Billion with over 28.39% share of Turkey's total exports. The latest export data of Turkey shows record $19 billion exports in April, 2024. Compared to the Turkey export figures for the same period, there was a slight increase of 0.5%.

Here, we have provided the more brief information on Turkey exports by percentage.

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Turkey's Top 10 Export Partners

Who Does Turkey Export To?

Germany was the leading destination for Turkish exports in FY 2023. As per Turkey export details reports, Germany was responsible for $22 billion worth of imports from Turkey during 2023-24. Germany’s major imports from Turkey were cars, motor parts, engine parts, knitted clothes and aluminium bars.

Export value wise, Turkey’s top 10 export partners were Germany ($22 billion), United States ($15 billion), Iraq ($12.5 billion), United Kingdom ($12.2 billion), Italy ($12 billion), Russia ($10.5 billion), France ($10 billion), Spain ($9.5 billion), United Arab Emirates ($8.6 billion) and the Netherlands ($7.5 billion) during FY 2023.

For the financial year 2023, the overall value for Turkey's top 10 major export partners was estimated around $109.8 Billion with over 46.94% share of Turkey's total exports. Below, we had shared the chart depicting Turkey's main export partners by percentage share. Also, you can request for the year wise Turkey export data by country.

Country wise Data

Top Exporters in Turkey

Turkish Suppliers List

  • Ford Automotive Industry Joint Stock Company
  • NisFord Otomotiv Sanayi Anon M Rket
  • Socar Turkey Petrol TICaret Anon M Rket
  • Socar Turkey Petrol Trade Joint Stock Company
  • Toyota Automotive Industry T Rk Ye A
  • Turkish Petroleum Refinery Joint Stock Company
  • Toyota Otomoti̇v Sanayi̇ Türkiye A.Ş.
  • Türkiye Oil Refineries Joint Stock Company
  • Ki̇bar Diş Ti̇caret A.Ş.
  • Oyak Renault Otomob L Fabr Kalari Anon M Rket
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