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US export data statistics 2021 suggests that the total US total exports were around $2.52 trillion. The United States ranks second in the list of top exporters. As per World Bank Data, the United States of America is the largest economy in the world.

As per US export data by country, Canada, Mexico and China are the top 3 export trading partners. The USA Import Shipment data suggests that US top exports are Refined Petroleum, Crude Oil, Petroleum Gas, Vehicles, Aircrafts & its parts and Electronics.

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US Export Trade Data

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Field Name Detail
Date : 1/9/2021
HS Code : 68069000
Product Details Insulation board calcium silicate material, size: 1000mm x305mm x100mm. New 100% - S-1100E SkamoPetro, 1000x305x100
Quantity : 3956
Quantity Unit : PCE
Value($) : 37502.88
Country of Origin : United States of America
Country of Destination : Vietnam
Port : Port of South Louisiana
Importer : ********
Exporter : ********

Top 10 US Exports

US Major Exports Products

According to US exports shipment data for 2021, the top 10 US major exports products were Machineries (12.50%), Electrical Equipment, Machinery (11.10%), Mineral Oils & Fuels (10.50%), Vehicles (7.10%), Photographic, Optical and Medical Instruments (5.60%), Aircrafts, Spacecrafts, & parts (5.40%), Plastics & its articles (4%), Pearls, Precious Stones & Metals (3.90%), Pharmaceutical Products (3.50%), and Organic Chemicals & its products (2.10%).

As per US export statistics, the top 10 product exports by the USA shared an export value of $964 Billion along with a 65.70% share of total exports. Our US exports 2022 data reports suggest that US total exports could hit 32 trillion USD in 2022.

You will find more detailed statistics of the USA's major exports by HS Code, Total Export Value, and Total Export Share through the Exim GTIS portal:

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us top export trading partners

Top US Exports Partner Countries

US Top Export Trading Partners

As per the US export customs data 2021, most of the US exports were to Canada, Mexico, and China. In terms of total export share, US top export trading partners in 2021 were Canada (17.50%), Mexico (14.70%), China (8.40%), Japan (4.20%), United Kingdom (3.90%), Germany (3.70%), South Korea (3.40%), Netherlands (3%), Brazil (2.20%) and Taipei (2%).

In the fiscal year of 2021, USA's largest export trading partners' total export value was around 948.5 Billion US Dollars with a 63% share of total exports. Find more detailed analysis reports for USA’s top 10 trading partners based on total export value and total export share at Exim Global Trade Intelligence System.

US Port List

Major Sea Ports in the US

The United States is the most developed and powerful country in the world. It has a highly developed supply chain structure to carry out large-scale export shipments. There are around 926 sea ports for a product export in the US. The Port of South Louisiana and Houston are the major seaports in the US. Here, we have shared some of the major sea ports in the US accounting for maximum month-wise export shipments.

Top US Exporters

US Exporters List

According to US Suppliers Data, Koch Industries and International Paper Company were US top export companies in 2021 accounting for 435,004 export shipments. Here we have presented the leading US suppliers list based on our latest US exporters Data.

  • Koch Industries
  • International Paper
  • Delong
  • Cell Market Group
  • America Chung Nam
  • Winfible
  • International Forest Products
  • BMW of North America
 US Export Trade Data

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