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China Import Data

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As per China import data 2021 reports, China was ranked the second largest importer in the world. According to the China imports shipment record, China’s total imports were around 2.7 trillion US Dollars.

Crude Oils, Iron Ore, Electronics, and Vehicles were the top China imports in 2021. As per China import data by country, South Korea, Taipei, and Japan were amongst the top import partners of China.

China is the second-largest economy in the world. The Chinese market offers bright opportunities for worldwide exporters and suppliers. Through our Exim global trade intelligence system, you could reach out to genuine buyers and importers in China.

China Import Sample Data

China Import Trade Data

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You can download free Sample China Import Data by Country,HS Code, Buyer Name, Product Name, Unit, Price, Importer Name, Port of Loading/Unloading, and Shipping information.

Field Name Detail
Date : 1/24/2021
HS Code : 85177021
Product Details AMB606SS01-020 # & SCREEN OF MOBILE PHONE # & VN
Quantity : 6144
Quantity Unit : PCE
Value($) : 501227.52
Country of Origin : Vietnam
Country of Destination : China
Port : Shanghai Port
Importer : ********
Exporter : ********

Top 10 China Imports

China Major Imports Products

As per China imports statistics for 2021, the top 10 China major imports products were Electrical Equipment, Machinery (23.80%), Mineral Oils & Fuels (15.90%), Machineries (9%), Ores, Slag & Ash (7.50%), Photographic, Optical and Medical Instruments (4.40%), Vehicles (3.20%), Plastics & Articles (3.10%), Precious Stones & Metals (2.50%), Organic Chemicals (1.70%), and Copper & its goods (1.50%).

Based on China import shipment data, the total import value for the top 10 product imports by China was around 1.51 Trillion US Dollars with a 72.60% share of total imports. China Imports 2022 data reports suggest that China's GDP would seek growth of 0.4% from 5% in 2022 to 5.4% in 2023.

Get a more detailed overview of China's major product imports by name, and total import % share in the Chart given below.

china imports
china top import trading Partners

China's Top Import Trading Partners

China Largest Trading Partners

In 2021, Most of China's imports were from South Korea and Taipei. The top 10 China import trading partners were South Korea (8.10%), Taipei (8.00%), Japan (7.80%), the United States (6.10%), Australia (5.80%), Germany (5.50%), Brazil (4.70%), Malaysia (3.40%), Vietnam (3.10%) and Russia (2.80%).

China largest trading partners accounted for imports worth 1.11 trillion US Dollars with a 55.30% share of total imports. Get a better analysis of China's top 10 trading partners through visual reports in our Exim GTIS portal.

China Port List

Major Sea Ports in China

China is a Southeast Asian country located on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. China has a highly developed supply chain structure to carry out large-scale imports. There are 34 major sea ports in China. The Port of Shanghai is the main seaport of China. Here, we have shared some of the major sea ports in China accounting for maximum month-wise import shipments.

China Importers List

Top China Importers

According to China Buyers Data, Fujian Tong Yi Ma Koui Tie and Hainan Haiwoo Tinplate Industry Co. Ltd. were the top Import Companies of China in 2021 with a total import value of $241.12 Million. Here we have presented the Top China Buyers List of China based on our latest China Importers Data.

  • Fujian Tong Yi Ma Koui Tie Co. Ltd
  • Hainan Haiwoo Tinplate Industry Co. Ltd
  • POSCO Guangdong Automotive Steel Co. Ltd
  • Jiangsu Ton Yi Tinplate Co. Ltd
  • Fu Jian Zhong Ri Da Metal Co. Ltd
  • Hyundai Hysco Investment (China) Co. Ltd
  • Pohang Suzhou Auto Parts Manufacturing Co. Ltd
  • Guangzhou Pacific Tinplate Co. Ltd
  • Guangzhou JFE Steel Company Ltd. (GJSS)
  • ANSC-TKS Galvanizing CO. Ltd
  • Posco (chongqing) Automotive Processing Center Co. Ltd
  • Guangdong Shunde Pohang Steel Co., Ltd
  • Shenzhen Forichom Bonded Trade Ltd
  • Posco (tianjin) Steel Processing Center Co. Ltd
  • Pu Xiang (Yan Tai) Auto Prts Mnufacturing Co. Ltd
  • Posco (tianjin) Steel Processing Center Co. Ltd
  • Zhongshan Zhongyue Tin Industry Co. Ltd
  • Hyun Chul Galvanized Steel(GuangZhou)Co. Ltd
  • Taishan Guanli Metal Products Co., Ltd.
 china import trade data

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